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Gifted and talented extension opportunities

South Grafton High have introduced Gifted and Talented Extension Opportunities.

Do any of these describe you?

  • I would like a challenge that takes me beyond the learning in the classroom.
  • I would like to show what I can do in a project that I control.
  • I would like to show what I can create and/or do.
  • I would like an interesting project to put on my resume.
  • I would like SGHS to recognise the learning I do on my own.

Then there is a probably a Gifted and Talented Extension Opportunity (GATEO) that would suit you.

You will complete most GATEOs during your own time, but you may find one of your teachers will help you to do a GATEO in class time or may set a GATEO for the class as classwork.

The purpose of the GATEO is to allow students to work independently, or in small groups, towards a project they choose, presenting their findings in a way they prefer. It is a bit like a thesis or final year project at University.

For example, if you were doing a GATEO on the environment, whilst you may do a traditional written assignment, you could instead, choose to work with your friends to produce a dance or drama to demonstrate your learning, or make a presentation to an audience of your choosing.

You will need a member of staff to supervise your work and assess what you have done. If you have a teacher you would like to work with then perhaps you can ask if they would be willing to supervise your GATEO, alternatively if you speak to Mr Johnstone and he will suggest a supervisor.

There will be a reward for good or exceptional GATEOs but we will try to make the reward suit you and the GATEO you have done. It could be a Principal’s commendation, a transcript for your resume, publishing your work on the school website, or if it is really good, we could publicise what you have done to organisations and people in the wider community. Please click below to see some of the GATEOs we have already prepared, but you would be encouraged to develop a GATEO of your own.

For more information, download the files below: