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Parents and citizens association

Welcome from the parents and citizens association (P&C) for South Grafton High School.

The P&C is a vital part of the school community. It provides an essential forum between the local community, the Principal, teachers, other staff and students. As a representative body of the school community it has an important role in assisting South Grafton High School to formulate and update policies and procedures.

P&C meetings

The P&C meets on the 1st Monday of each month, during term at 5.30pm in the school library. The annual general meeting is always held in March of the new school year. All members of the school community are welcome and encouraged to attend. The school principal and members of the executive team attend P&C meetings to keep us informed and up-to-date with the latest of what is happening in the school. The P&C meetings provide an opportunity to get to know the school executive and for them to know what’s important for families of students.

What we do

Our P&C is a dedicated group of parents and community members working together to strengthen our school community.

Its aim is to:

  • Create opportunities to develop and enjoy friendships both within and outside the school community.
  • Provide a way for parents to get involved in their children’s education.
  • Raise funds to purchase additional resources that add value to the learning environment of all students.
  • Encourage students and staff by celebrating their achievements.

The P&C operates the school canteen, known as ‘Food for Thought’. The canteen supports the NSW Schools Healthy Canteens Policy to provide healthy food choices for our children. The canteen is staffed by two paid employees and much needed parent volunteers to enable it to provide a range of nutritious meal choices for students and staff.

The annual Debutante Ball is a highlight for senior students and is coordinated through the efforts of the P&C members.

All profits raised by the P&C are used to provide grants for academic, cultural and sports representatives and to enhance the school facilities and environment.

P&C Committee

Current members of the Parents and Citizens Association are:

  • President - Liz Gardiner
  • Vice President - Mandy Bryant
  • Secretary - Rae-Ann Finlay
  • Treasurer - Kelly Fletcher
  • Contact: